About Us

Our Mission
To partner with our clients by providing innovative transporation solutions.
Our Story
ATSi was originally started by Sam Powell in 1991, providing Software Consulting and Software services to the Transportation Industry. In 1995, Uwe Sartori (formerly with Southern Overseas) joined the company as Sam’s partner and was responsible for Marketing, Customer Service Management and Administration. They worked together building the company to what it is today. After 25 years Uwe retired. Now, as a family-owned business, ATS continues to provide quality software for the Transportation Industry. Continually upgrading our applications, as attested by the development of the Web Portal and the Customer Tracking and Tracing. Our strengths rely on the fact that we are small yet can provide quality services while being responsive to our customer’s needs.

Meet Our Team

Picture of Sam Powell, owner of a Freigt-forwarding and brokerage Software house

In 1984, I began working and consulting in the Freight and Customs Industry and in '95 founded Advanced Transportation Systems. It’s now been over 30 years programming for the Transportation & Logistics Industry. I live in Colorado Springs, CO with my wife and 3 children, where I enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, and canyoning! I love learning new things and finding new ways that today's technology can be used for the transportation industry.

Sam Powell

CEO and Owner

Picture of Cyndi Speck, Brokerage and Transportation systems customer service rep

I began my career in the Brokerage Transportation industry working for a Customs House broker in 1990. In 1999, I started working for ATS.  I specialize in assisting clients with their day to day operations. Particularly ABI and ACE processes and details. I enjoy spending time with my 2 grown boys and grandchildren. I'm always seeking to add to my knowledge of the Freight and Brokerage Industry!

Cyndi Speck

Customer Service Manager

Picture of Mateo Powell, web designer for Advanced Transportation Systems. Development of Brokerage and freight forwarding software

I'm currently studying at the University of Colorado, in Colorado Springs for a Business and Computer Science degree. I started working in ATS in May of 2019, and I seek to bring new ideas and technology to the business! I was a rock climbing and canyoning guide for a number of years before I started Highlining. I am excited to learn more about the Transportation industry as I continue to expand my skills.

Mateo Powell

Development and Design

Picture of Graciela Powell, running the books and accounting for ATS

I was born and raised in Argentina, and I came to the states in 1986. I worked in the aviation industry at an FFA repair station from 1987-1998. From there I started my own aircraft parts retail business, and in 2006 I closed my doors to be a full time mother! Three years ago, I decided to venture into the corporate world once again and worked with Edward Jones until November of 2020, where I decided to join the ATS Team to do accounting and marketing!

Graciela Tosini-

Accounting and Marketing


We at ATS are committed to our customers. Committed to making each relationship a smooth and beneficial partnership. See what others have to say:

"It’s one of the easiest and most user-friendly software systems for logistics, and throughout the years ATS has added valuable and up to date menus to make the user experience more friendly and efficient."

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"Since day one we found ATS to be not only our customs brokerage program service provider but to be an ally. Their software programs are easily learned"

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"Although they are our service providers, we consider them part of our team.  If you are looking for personalized service and reliability, ATS is the clear choice!"

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"Throughout these 20 years ATS has been able to develop and meet the changes set by CBP from the ABI system to ACE environment by enhancing the ATS system."

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"The system allows our clients to access our website to view data on a real time basis. We are looking forward to ATS’s next generation of technology as we look to the future of international trade."

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"Their system has become an integral part of our operation. We are always impressed by how quickly their team responds to our requests and adapts to our needs."

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"What is important for Alliance and from a management standpoint is after-market services, which I grade ATS simply with, “five stars”."

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